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Hello there retro gaming fans, welcome back to another fun filled Ep of RGDS

In episode 16, I talk about the amazing Apple app “Speccy Tape”  by Wojciech Lazarski
which lets you play your Speccy games on your actual ZX Spectrum!!
Find out why this is better than emulation and why it’s the must buy!
Also Chris Wilkins writer of the superb book “The History of Ocean” and now the equally fantastic “The Story of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum In Pixels” has been kind enough to give us 2 of the Speccy books to give away as a prize, listen to the show to find out how!
For more info on Chris and his books head on over to
And as always in this Ep I also play some retro gaming music from 
Death Wish 3 – ZX Spectrum
And other classic tunes
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