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Welcome to another fun filled episode of RGDS.  In this episode Paul Driscoll (AKA The Drisk) is joined by Gordon King (AKA Kingy)

In the show we discuss games that were inspired by B-Movies.  We have a great range of classic games to discuss from It Came From The Desert through to the unreleased Sega CD game Bug Blaster : Exterminators… So sit back and embrace the beautiful cheesy world of B-Movie Sci-Fi. We also want to welcome Gordon King as a new fully fledged member of the RGDS crew.  Please join us in giving him a really warm welcome. Show Notes: It Came From The Desert: Game Longplay: New 2017 Film Trailer:

Buy Game (and all Cinemaware Games) :

Game PC Engine sequel :

Ant Heads:

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (UK Title Zombies):

Where Time Stood Still: Spectrum Version : ST version :

Amiga Version (New) :

Amiga ADF file :…_Amigav1.0.ADF

Bug Blaster : Exterminators – Sega Cd unreleased:Gameplay :

Chewits Muncher: Spectrum :

Chewits TV Advert 1986 :

Aaaargh!! : Amiga: C64: Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters: Arcade:

Ant Attack: Spectrum :

Sandy White (Author of game) Webpage :

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