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In this episode of RGDS, we discuss the often forgotten scene of the Amiga Public Domain and Shareware scene, that in many ways kick started the vibrant Indie scene we see today. So come and join us as Kingy and Drisky take you through ten great examples of the day.  We have also collected up these amazing games (and many other favourites that didn’t me the show) as well for you to enjoy on an emulator.  See it as the ultimate coverdisk.  Please give these classics a try, we love to hear you memories or what you think of the games. Also we discuss a favourite Disk magazine of the day Grapevine and have collected up every one.  This really was for many of us the internet of the day. To play the games and disks you will need an emulator such as Win UAE.

You will also need the Kick Starters and Rom which you probably can fine… or if you want to cut out all the hassle then is a great legal emulator to use.

Show Notes: Ultimate Guide to Amiga PD Games Amiga 17-Bit PD Collection:

Games-X Scan Area: As mentioned in the show, the scans are done every Saturday and can be found here… Public Domain Games Today: Try Kingy’s own amazing public domain game When it Rains here:




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