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Hello Retro Gamers and welcome to episode 222 of RGDS.

This episode is dedicated to discussion the many Mental Health problems experience by many of us within the Retro Gaming community. From addiction, to depression and dealing with the difficulties that every day life can bare upon us, we discuss it all and leave no topic off the table.

If you believe you that your mental well being has been impacted by one of the subjects on today’s show, please reach out to some you trust. Discussing the matter is the first step towards making it better.

Resident RGDS host Matt Aguilera, who has dealt with a mental health issues for much of life has given the following book recommendation to people who wish to help themselves to improve their life.

We hope that this episode is a useful resource for people who don’t have someone to talk to about their issues, and realise that you are not alone.

Book recommendation – 

Lost Connections: Uncovering the real causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions – by Johann Hari –

Tom Charnock article – The Catharsis of selling off my games collection –

Hosts on the show;

Matt Aguilera – @matt_aguilera

Matt Lambourne – @Lambomat


Music used in this episode;

Intro music – Heart Shaped Box – Westworld season 2 soundtrack

Track 2 – Dire Dire Docks – Mario 64

Track 3 – Kakariko Village – Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Track 4 – Requiem of the Gods – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Track 5  – Paint it black – Westworld Season 1 Soundtrack

Track 6 – No Surprises – Westworld Season 1 Soundtrack

Track 7 – Intro theme – Wild Arms

Ending music – Main Theme – Metal Gear Solid 2

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