There’s more to cosplay than meets the eye. There’s more to simply donning a costume. Depending on which character, there is a lot that goes into creating a cosplay together or putting it together. If you’re constructing it, you’ll have to track down the right materials. If you’re making it, you must utilise everything at your disposal which ranges from fabric to a glue gun.

It’s heartbreaking and frustrating cosplay is still frowned upon in terms of ordinary society, the normal public and certain internet trolls/cyberbullies, despite cosplay is mainstream. Even some journalists and voice actors such as Alanah Pearce (Charalanhzard/AlanahPex Legends) and Tara Strong respectively take up the hobby. People merely don’t understand cosplay because it’s different, it’s unusual, they assume it’s only strictly for Halloween and they are confused as to why cosplayers undergo this interest.

Cosplay is for everyone, whether you’re a journalist, a voice actor or a normal person.


Tara Strong, is there something she can’t do? Not only is she a voice actress, she’s also a cosplayer.


Cristina Vee, now that’s a voice actress/cosplayer anyone can aspire to be!

In this dog-eat-dog world, there’s always a malicious person to make your life a nightmare. Internet trolls and cyberbullies such as this particular individual for instance have nothing better to do in his life than to make fun of someone for dressing up as their favourite character and as a means of a coping mechanism with insecurities, inner demons and learning disabilities. You mess with one cosplayer, you mess with all of them. This unpleasant person have nothing better to do than hide like a spineless coward behind a computer screen, presumably his life is pitifully worthless than it already is, he reckons it’s a good idea to tease someone else just to make himself feel better.

If he’s trying to be a parent and a husband, he sure is being the opposite of responsible.

Speaking of Halloween, cosplayers find this as another excuse to capitalise and take advantage to take up their pastime once again. Depending on what age the cosplayers are, they may be too old for trick or treating (since it’s normally restricted to children) but they are never too old for Halloween parties.

Just like with every fan community, there is some toxicity but it’s not Spyro and Nintendo levels of toxicity as cosplayers put down others if they bought their cosplays or their handmade cosplays isn’t up to their standards. Nothing like this happened to me yet but within the Facebook cosplay groups, there are unfriendly individuals who act immaturely like that.

Not only is cosplay an art form, it’s also a form of escapism. That being said, cosplayers attend conventions and cosplay meets/gatherings to meet celebrities and voice actors, befriend like-minded people, enter cosplay competitions, purchase merchandise and artwork from stalls, encounter other cosplayers from all walks of life and so forth.

Each convention and cosplay event varies from venue to venue in terms of quality and every one of them aren’t without their faults. Play your cards right and you should find a convention or a cosplay meet-up that better suits you. For example, Replay Events need to expand their horizons when it comes to guests seeing as they only invite video game developers, video game developing teams and YouTubers and they held Play Expo Manchester in May which clashes with MCM Comic Con London and speaking of MCM Comic Con London, it isn’t fair when it tends to contain a better line-up of celebrities and it takes place in two, separate months (May and October) while other MCM Comic Con conventions such as MCM Comic Con Manchester gets the short end of the stick.

To a handful of cosplayers, making an appearance in a magazine is a cosplayer’s dream. They are known as Cosplay Community Magazine, The Cosplay Journal, Cosplay USA magazine, Cosplay Culture magazine, Cosplay Realm Magazine and CosplayZine, to name a few.

No matter what age you are (I’ve already seen an old lady dressed up as Granny from The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries at a convention), there will be something for every cosplayer for every occasion.





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