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Hello and welcome to another amazing episode of RGDS. 

Today we have a really special episode with us interviewing Mark R. Jones.  An Ocean artist who did such classics as Wizball, Gryzor (Contra), Vindicator to name but a few.

Mark is still an avid collector of all things Spectrum and keeping things preserved. He is also currently working on a tell all book of his time in Ocean and new Spectrum games.  So come and listen to this great interview…

Show Note Links…

Mag Max

Spectrum :

NES           :

Original Arcade :

Bob Wakelin Box Art :

NES Box Art:

Wizball Spectrum : C64  :

Mark R Jones Explains how to play :

Bob Wakelin Box Art :


Ocean Draw :  


Gryzor (Spectrum) :

Contra (Original Arcade) :

Bob Wakelin Box Art : Vindicator: Vindicator (Spectrum) :

Box Art :

Keith Chegwin Interview: Keith Chegwin Behind the Scenes: Part One:

Part Two: Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:

Rambo 3: Atari-ST:  

Dragon Ninja: Spectrum:

Arcade (Original) :

Gazza 2: Amiga:



Total Recall: Amiga :

Unfinished scrapped version of Total Recall (that Mark R Jones worked it) :


Flood 2 (Unfinished): Video of animated art:

Full links to art on the unfinished game: Dingo: Spectrum:

Arcade (Original):


Mark R Jones Links:

Mark R Jones You Tube Channel (So much great stuff here):

Mark R Jones artwork (unpublished stuff here) : Mark R Jones  personal Spectrum collection :

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