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We get Mysty-eyed as Myst proves to be more trouble than it’s really worth, send an evil gargoyle to his repeated death in Demon’s Crest and get far too obsessed with Pokemon Go.

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What’s On the Show This Week?

Pokemon Go may have taken over the world, but that won’t tear us away from our love of retro games as this week we tackle Demon’s Crest, an unusual game for the SNES and try our hardest to delve into Myst (with varying degrees of success).

There’s many things to take away from this week’s show; you’ll learn how bad one man can really be at games (we’re looking at you, Tom), the horrible history of Factory Sealed’s pets (and plants) and the past comes back to bite us in the backside as Jess appears to begin her transformation into former host Aaron as she gains a dog.

Demon’s Crest proves to be a slog for everyone involved; while we enjoyed the game’s aesthetics and some mechanics, the level structure and difficulty level make it extremely hard to get through. We do take the time to reveal a few facts about the game though, so make sure to listen out for those!

Myst, the classic point-and-click adventure is found to be even harder to play in 2016. Find out for yourself how we all fared with the game and whether any of us actually managed to make any progress!

Other topics this week include Eric managing to get Carmaggeddon (I’m sure you all know how excited he is) and we all discuss Nintendo’s new mini NES and other available mini retro consoles such as the mini Genesis with wireless controllers.

Listen out for:

2:00 – Tom gets naked as the British weather takes a turn for the slightly warm

3:49 – Haboobs make a triumphant return

5:22 – Jess gets a pet, and Tom reveals the horrible fate of his hamster, Colin

12:00 – Eric goes to work, drinks himself almost to death

13:11 – An inexplicable noise marks the beginning of Jess’s transformation into Aaron

19:00 – Eric burns a plant named Bob and cooks marshmallows

19:39 – Videogame chat begins (quite early this week, right?)

20:00 – Tom really, really sucks at Demon’s Crest. Seriously.

21:00 – Dan manages to record a video of Demon’s Crest, forgets to activate audio

24:00 – We discuss the gameplay of Demon’s Crest and our varying degress of success with the game

29:00 – Graphics and critical reception discussion of Demon’s Crest

29:40 – Is Demon’s Crest really Megaman?/ how to skip levels almost entirely by flying

31:30 – Massive segue into the reveal of the miniature NES. Is it the NX (also includes discussion of other available retro gaming modern consoles)

40:00 – Tom’s big news causes a ghost attack in Eric’s pants; everyone else doesn’t understand

42:00 – Dan and Eric’s minds meld together to create a beautiful segue into Pokemon Go discussion. Eric gets obssesed with the game (and finds out you can’t trick it by driving), Dan can’t play it properly, Tom reveals how the game has taken over London and Jess has to get it the stupid way because Canada still doesn’t have it yet

55:00 – Discussion of this week’s game, the classic PC title Myst. Absolutely everybody gives it a good go (except Jess), but the game’s age, janky design and vagueness (vagness?) make it incredibly difficult to get anywhere. Spare a thought for poor Tom, who played the even worse PS version!

01: 07 – Eric gets Carmaggedon (finally!) and…well…it’s a bit shit

01: 16: 30 – What’s on next week’s show (and beyond)

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