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Long-time listener, fan, and awesome dude Jack Grant joins us for an absolute shitshow of an episode with curling irons in wrong places, Banjo Kazooie, and the worst question ever. Seriously. Ever.

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What’s On the Show This Week?

Game of the Week – Banjo Kazooiee

Yep, we’re playing the absolute classic platformer, Banjo Kazoiee this week! Everyone has different degrees of success (you may be surpised by Jess’s effort!) and the game proves to be as much fun to play as it was way back when it was first released.

Be sure to join us for discussion of the Stop N Swop mystery, the beauty of the blended music, our thoughts on most of the levels, what we found fun/frustrating, Jess proving she is so stupid it’s unbelievable and much, much more.

What’s On The Show This Week?

Listen out for:

0:59 – A newly released Jess debates her new name, with a highly inappropriate suggestion from Dan and we make everything fancy by going full French.

1:30 – Jack Grant is really Tom in disguise. Boy, that’s a long con.

2:55 – Does Jack prefer wet, or dry vikings?

3:30 – Jack is held accountable for unleashing the Sit/Stand debate upon anyone who listens to the show.

4:00 – Things really take a turn for the worse as too much information is revealed about Dan’s grandmother, prompting Eric to delve into new levels of disgustingness.

8:40 – Troglodytes…are they videogame characters, or something else entirely?

9:30 – Wolf people invade Eric’s home town.

13:00 – Just who the fudge is Jack Grant? Includes such highlights as his favorite color and irregular shape.

18:36 – Living at home is just rubbish when there’s nothing to keep you company except 16 million frigging Pidgeys

19:08 – I say Rattata, you say Rattartar.

20:28 – Eric has a unique scent. Available in all good perfume shops this fall!

21:30 – Daddy Trinier panics when his leg manages to somehow become a Pokemon.

22:40 – Jess spends 45 minutes in a field searching for an Exeggcute

23:32 – Is Pokemon Go the way to purge the Earth of absolute morons? (we’re probably in trouble)

27:20 – Dan’s grandmother is the master at making Christmas stories

34:48 – What is the NX, and how does it stack up against other consoles in today’s market?

36:00 – Nintendo’s history of third party support is discussed, with surprising results

53:00 – Banjo Kazooie chat starts

57:00 – Just what the hell is Banjo Kazooie anyway?

59:30 – Rare’s amazing history as the premier develop for the Nintendo 64

1:01 – Is Yooka Laylee the revival the dead platforming genre needs?

1:02 – The hub world of Banjo proves too confusing for Eric, who is an idiot.

1:04 – Jess misinterpets Jiggies as something very different entirely

1:05 – Jack is put on the spot As Eric directs the most-confusingly worded question at him ever

1:08 – Collecting notes and taking Jiggies as we delve into the levels of Banjo

1:10 – Jess tries to describe things, fails

1: 13 – This game may have some of the best music ever

1:14 – swimming levels are the worst, while the camera proves tricky for all

1:16 – just how far did everyone get? Who wins this week’s shit-coloured star?

1:17 – Jess gets sucked in by the storyline of Banjo, which consists of grunts and squeaks

1:20 – Our favourite and worst levels/jiggies are discussed

1:27 – Dan and Eric glitch out the game at the same point, but in very different ways

1:34 – Jess says the single dumbest thing she has ever, ever said.

1:38 – Did we have to cheat to win Banjo in the end?

1:39 – The final level; navigating the giant board game and beating Gruntilda

1:49 – What is Stop n Swop, and how does it tie into the history of all Banjo games?

1:52: Your emails answered! You’ve got opinions on Banjo and..well…’ll just have to listen for yourself how bad the question in the final email is

2:22 – What’s on the show next week?

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