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Join us for a whimsical, thought-provoking romp through the history of the Game Boy series, as well as Kirby’s Dreamland 1 and 2! Oh, and keys in the shitter.

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What’s On the Show This Week?

00:46 – Jacktom, Rug Munchiére and Troglodytes in da house

02:02 – Was Tom really playing the long con?

03:30 – Sailing the seven seas to pirate copies of Pokemon Gold/meeting up with strangers in trench coats who do things to PlayStations

05:00 – How to lose your keys down the shitter

16:00 – Tom lets Jeeves go; has to wipe own backside

19:00 – No Man’s Sky releases next week! We are a little bit excited.

19:33 – People who buy $1300 dollar copies of games are idiots

22:00 – Suicide Squad is out, and apparently rubbish. But it was has Margot Robbie.

24:00 – It’s nearly time for Final Fantasy XV as well! Goodbye social life!

24:30 – Tom is finally playing Final Fantasy X for the first time. We reminisce on the classic terrible laugh scene, and our favourite bit…RIDE ZE SHOOPUF???

31:00 – Keep calm and ride ze shoopuf

31:30 – The voices of Final Fantasy X were squashed in; find out how!

33:00 – Gaming hype from the past

34:00 – Tom’s local trenchcoat wearer trades him games; refuses to trade in for MGS2

39:00 – Game of the week time! Well, games. Kirby’s Dreamland 1 + 2!

40:00 – How the hell did we play on those old Gameboys without the backlight??

45:00 – Some dude develops a great-looking copy of FFXV. Looks good, but not in Eric’s opinion

47:00 – Eric shits all over Furi, a game which Dan really loved. He’s probably just doing it to piss Dan off

48:00 – The cast unites around Dan as Eric apparently does a compliment and makes it sound like an insult

49:00 – Eric explains everything you need to know about Kirby’s Dreamland. Did you know this is Kirby’s first game ever?

51:00 – Why is Kirby the color he is?

55:00 – World-by-world breakdown of Kirby’s Dreamland. Kirby made LOL before it was cool

56:00 – Kirby is easy peasy, but that’s a good thing.

1:01 – For the second week in a row, Jess confuses objects with other objects

1:04 – Repeating boss battles – good or bad in games?

1:07 – Halfway through the week, Eric tells everyone to play Kirby’s Dreamland 2 as well. Everyone ignores him

1:08 – Eric introduces us to Kirby’s Dreamland 2, which incorporates Kirby plus three friends and evolves the mechanics from the first game

1:14 – Loads more minibosses are included in Kirby’s Dreamland 2, which also includes more worlds to explore

1:17 – Which games have we devoted so much time to, we got to 100% completion?

1:21 – Did you know that the 3DS can actually emulate a Game Boy screen (with the old brick and everything)?

1:23 – Sonic Mania. Dan, our resident Sonic obsessive, outlines who is making the game and why we should be excited. Eric shits on this.

1:26 – English arcades, still stuck in the 90s. Dan travels back in time when he goes bowling.

1:29 – The history of the Game Boy series, including the mysterious Game Boy Light

1:36 – Eric Pederson, bargain hunter. This may be the steal of the century

1:39 – First email of the week: Jay returns to relive his horrible question from last week. Who is our favourite Spice Girl?

1:44 – Possibly the best email we have ever had. Find out why Pokemon Go is just like Tinder.

1:50 – Sam Chun has unusual ‘having one’ choices. Dan spoils the end of Final Fantasy X for Tom.

1:52 – Are scripted boss battles and levels a bad thing? We debate the pros and cons of both arguments

1:59 – We all decide to play a 12 hour D&D marathon. This is going to get messy

2:01 – The whole crew reminicsces on their best gaming experiences ever. Dan’s grandmother returns, Eric reveals his International Track and Field technique and then fails to do it due to his bionic shoulder. Tom walks into a Tekken tournament and smashes an expert Tekken player into pieces. Jess plays the longest game of Monopoly in the history of the world

2:17 – Where can you find us on the Twittor/upcoming shows

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