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Yee Haw! It’s Harvest Moon time. All ya’ll younguns best hike up yer britches and get to. Them taters and maters ain’t gonna grow themselves!

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What’s On the Show This Week?

1:00 – Jess still doesn’t have a last name. We will stick with Rugmunchiére.

1:56 – Jess is still rocking Miitomo.

2:09 – Pretty titties

2:34 – Eric burns out on Pokemon Go

4:15 – Don’t tell us how to endanger our lives, Pokemon Go!

5:00 – Trespassing as children – Eric lived in a cave

6:20 – Eric wants to move into a neighborhood filled with old people. He also lays down the law on how to live near him.

10:30 – No poops today/Canada is full of nice people, everywhere else is full of horrible people. Hero woman dives to save wallet.

12:30 – Tom lays down the law on the government to get out of paying over £4000; the results are outstanding. Jeeves is hired again; has to cut holiday short.

14:58 – Why you really, really, shouldn’t buy No Man’s Sky. Dan judges it harshly, Eric tries his best, but ultimately has to give up. Was the hype for this game too much? How could it possibly live up to expectations? No Man’s Sky may be a technical marvel, but does it really have enough to it; where is the game?

21:00 – Exploring in No Man’s Sky – following the path versus wandering yourself.

28:00 – Is No Man’s Sky big for the sake of being big/resource management discussion

31:00 – How long can a game really be without you burning out? Is Journey the perfect game length for a small, relaxing experience?

37:30 – Final Fantasy XV is delayed!

40:00 – Tom develops a bread analogy

42:10 – Eric is highly confident that FFXV won’t be crap. We expect many new full length body pillows. Apparently watching the FFXV anime and Kingsglaive will help with understanding the characters and world of Final Fantasy XV

45:00 – Tom shits on the FFVII Remake.

46:00 – Game of the week – Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for Game Boy Advance

46:48 – Eric plays on the original Game Boy Advance; screen is rubbish, moves to DS.

47:38 – What on earth is Harvest Moon?

50:00 – Tom struggles to get going. Well, people with smooth areas are bound to have this problem.

55:00 – Crop advice with farmer Pederson

59:00 – Tom forgets to plant seeds, spends ages watering soil

1:03 – Tom eventually begins to get addicted to the game after several days of playing.

1:18 – Mixing it up by cheating on your spouse in Harvest Moon. Saucy.

1:22 – Jess had Farmville obsession; how similar is it to Harvest Moon?

1:30 – Eric recommends Fantasy Life for 3DS owners

1:34 – All over Shovel Knight like liphair on grandma.

1:35 – Email number 1 – Jay wants us to talk about the Virtual Boy. Also has advice on Jess’s curling iron fetish; Jess nearly goes down a dark path

1:39 – Scale wants us to do a Dungeons and Dragons episode.

1:43 – Email 3 has some very suspicious pictures. Tamagotchis get sacrificed in the shitter.

1:47 – What about the outer Rhianna? Tom loves golden showers

1:49 – Where can you find us on the Twittor/Facebook?








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