If you enjoy playing online casino games you will no doubt have heard of the phenomenon which is Slingo.

Whoever came up with the idea of the game deserves a medal because the cross between bingo and your favourite slots is proving to be even more popular than the software company behind the game, Gaming Realms could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

There are Slingo versions of many of your favourite games, Rainbow Riches, Centurion, Fluffy Favourites, the list goes on with more titles being added every month.

Most Slingo games work in a similar way and offer superb value for money.

Players must first decide on the size of their stake as with any other game but the big difference is, the Slingo stake buys players a number of spins, usually eleven, with the option of purchasing more spins once the game has been completed.

Slingo games are usually based around a 5 x 5 grid with a horizontal reel at the bottom of the grid.

Each spin reveals 5 numbers on the horizontal reel which are automatically crossed off the grid if they match.

All Slingo games have special symbols such as the Joker and Super Joker which mean that any number can be matched off the grid in the column above where the Joker lands or anywhere on the grid if the Super Joker lands.

Every completed line is called a Slingo and there is usually a prize ladder to the left of the grid, with every completed Slingo enabling the players to move up a rung of the ladder.

The aim of the game is obviously to get as many Slingo’s as possible with a full house being represented with the top prize which could be as an example, 500x the initial stake.

The higher the player moves up the ladder, the more lucrative the prizes become so it is still more than possible to walk away with a decent sized win even if the full house is not achieved.

Once the eleven free spins have been completed, there is the option to purchase further spins.

The cost of these spins is totally dependent on the winning possibilities at the point of purchase.

For example, if only a few numbers are required to produce a full house, the cost of any extra spins will be more expensive than if only a few numbers have already been crossed off.

A word of caution would have to be not to get carried away with purchasing more spins because it is easy for the cost to mount up and before you know it, it becomes very hard to break even, never mind make a profit.

Some Slingo games have extra payout potential. In the case of Slingo X Scream for example, if three or more special symbols appear on the horizontal reel, an instant payout is awarded.

Other Slingo titles such as Centurion have special symbols which make an already enjoyable game even more exciting so it is highly recommended that you play the demo versions of the Slingo games first so that you can get a good idea of how they play.

Don’t worry, there is nothing at all complicated about them, it is just that they are perhaps a little different to the games that you may be used to.

Another great thing about Slingo games is that most online casinos allow these games to be played in order to meet any wagering requirements regarding welcome and reload bonuses.

When playing Slingo titles, it is always a good idea to start playing with smaller stakes due to the variance being a little on the high side.

With an average RTP of 95%, those playing with larger stakes could see their balance start to drop pretty quickly but those playing with smaller stakes will stand a far better chance of riding out the variance and hopefully walking away with a nice profit.

If you have a favourite slot, Rainbow Riches or Starburst for example, why not check out the Slingo versions of the game, you won’t regret it but be warned, these games are so enjoyable to play, there is a good chance that you won’t look at casino games in the same way ever again!

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