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Welcome to another episode of ‘If Geeks Ruled the World”, your hosts are Andy Godoy-Tron and Matt ‘Rodimus’ Lambourne. In this episode the boys relive their favourite childhood (and possibly even adulthood) film, Transformers: The Movie from 1986.

Andy & Matt recount their favourite scenes from the film, including cheese quotes, terrible singing impersonations and chat about G1 figurines and video-games from the franchise.

It’s a roller coaster of a ride with plenty of highs & lows that will go on , ’Til All Are One.

RGDS fans, Transform and Roll out!

Credit to the following great musicians for use of their cover songs from the Transformers Soundtrack.

Antoine Baril – Transformers Medley – Lee Cassify – Autobot/Decepticon Battle & Megatron Must Be Stopped

As discussed on the show – Transformers: Scramble City –

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