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Galloping Ghost Arcade Tour 2018 with owner Doc Mack


218 Controller Evolution

In this episode of RGDS, we discuss the Gateway into any game its controller and how since its beginning it has evolved over time. The Drisk hosts with Andy and Garron as we chat all about the many great (and not so great) controllers there has been over the years....

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No 59 – Matt Costello – Interview

It's an honour to present Adrian's chat with Matthew Costello, the scriptwriter for Trilobyte's bestselling CD-ROM interactive dramas The 7th Guest, its sequel The 11th Hour and also the amazing Doom 3. Sit back and enjoy... Fancy discussing this podcast? Fancy...

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Episode 73: Turbo and I, Robot

It’s Monday! And when a new episode of Pie Factory Podcast comes out on a Monday, it means Monday’s FUNday, Charlie Brown! In their last episode before Midwest Gaming Classic, Jim and Sean discuss, well…two arcade games and reveal a common theme. Duh. If you’re in...

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217 Tabletop and Handheld Gaming

In this episode, Garron, Paul and Gordon chat about their love for Tabletop and Handheld gaming. This includes all the classics such as Nintendo Game & Watch, Casio gaming watches and a lorry load of LCD & VFD gems. Grandstand, Epoch & Tomy are but a few names we will...

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RoundUp 127 – Fiddling With Knobs

Hardware Flashback - (00:00) Dinosaur Pie - (33:01) Guinness Gaming Records - (1:46:48) David Whittaker: Speedball - (1:49:17) Craig Turner Interview - (1:52:07) Top Ten Gun Peripherals - (2:40:49) Gaming Trivia - (3:41:24) Paul Godden: Milk Race - (3:41:52) Live News...

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216 Gaming Set Ups

In this episode of RGDS, it’s less talk about games, and more talk about how we play them! Andy hosts a fatal 4-way with Garron, Matt & Ric to discuss their gaming collections at large, how they setup their multiple gaming systems for use at home and what specialist...

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