Hand Picked Video From This Week’s Greatest Hits

DRACULA for Intellivision | A Horror Classic by IMAGIC - iretrogamer


RGDS 208 – Amiga CD32 : A to Z

Kingy and Drisky talk about the Amiga's attempt to release a console with the CD32.   It may have been a short lived system, but it had a great line up of games for the system.  So come and listen as we take you through the best games for the system with our A to Z....

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Episode 66: Lunar Lander and Red Baron

Jim and Sean wax philosophical about two Atari vector graphics games. (And unfortunately, new computer = new audio issues, for which they apologize.) Are Sean and Jim stealing No Quarter’s “Novecter” idea? Only time will tell, but listen for details…if any!...

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RoundUp 122 – The O.G.s

Hardware Flashback - (00:00) Dinosaur Pie - (22:14) Guinness Gaming Records - (1:05:12) Linus GH: Night Finds You - (1:07:38) Mevlut Dinc Interview - (3:57:38) Top Ten Ghoulish Games With Ghosts - (2:08:03) Gaming Trivia - (3:57:10) Asterion: Caer Aisling - (3:57:38)...

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Episode 65: Star Trek and Galaxian

So here’s the situation. It’s October. It’s 2017. By process of elimination, that means it’s October 2017. Putting two and two together, you get twotwo. Strategically simulate operations and shoot some suicidal space creatures with Sean and Jim as they answer that...

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Factory Sealed – Ep. 144: Mario 64

Let’s pickle! It’s-a-time for some Mario 64, where Mario is less than amused to find a little present in a urinal. We also chat (at length) about our legendary trip to Mike’s wedding. Have a question you want us to mill over? Perhaps you have a favorite childhood...

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