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Galloping Ghost Arcade Tour 2018 with owner Doc Mack


226 Console Concepts 2

Welcome to the first of several episodes that RGDS will be releasing to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of the Sega Mega Drive in Japan, hosted by our very own Matt L.   The Mega Drive was a big hit amongst fans of the early grey import scene, and we...

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Play Expo London Bonus show

Play Expo London - Bonus Show  Garron is  joined by Andy Brown MD of Play Expo and they chat about the London Expo on 11-12 August including a couple of reveals.   Take a look at the website for more information.  https://www.playexpolondon.com    Venue  Print works ...

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RoundUp 131 – Single Breast Physics

Hardware Flashback - (00:00) Outrun - Passing Breeze (97Bit Offcut Mix) - (32:22) Top Ten Summer Games - (43:20) Gaming Trivia - (1:43:20) Tetris (Linear Groove) - (1:50:11) Live News And Listener Views - (1:50:11) URLs And EMails - (4:06:04) Submit your news items to...

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Episode 79: Liberator and Millipede

Well, it’s Monday, and as such we cannot come up with a creative announcement for episode 79. So here it is. Episode 79. Millipede and Liberator. Listen to the podcast. Trade it with friends. Post a link in your next bathroom graffiti. Advertisements

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224 PlayStation Vs Saturn

Welcome to episode 224 of RGDS Podcast, and in this episode we sit down to discuss the import war of the 32-bit era, Sega Saturn vs Sony PlayStation.   In a modern day top-trumps, Matt Aguilera sides as champion of PS1 and Aaron White puts up his dukes to protect the...

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Episode 78: Eyes and Anteater

Whoa-oh, here she comes. Watch out WITH YOUR EYES, boy, she’ll chew you up. Whoa-oh, here she comes. She’s an ANTEATER. (See what we did there?) Despite Sean and Jim striking fear in the hearts of those who try to re-create their “oops, we screwed up” music, here they...

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