PlayStation’s current slogan may be called, “For The Players”, but does it really live up to what it promises to its consumers and the fan community? This doesn’t seem to be the case for the PlayStation Gear online store. Not only that, but there is a silver lining or a catch but it depends on which product you spent your hard-earned cash on. Just be wary and read the description of your chosen item before you decide to buy it.

Not too long ago, I bought three pieces of PlayStation Gear merchandise from the official PlayStation Gear store such as the PlayStation 1/PSX (not to be confused with the PlayStation convention, PlayStation Experience) memory card bottle opener by Numskull Designs, PlayStation Buttons Aluminium Drinks Bottle by GB eye and a PlayStation controller-shaped metal belt buckle by Bioworld Europe.

The reason why I purchased the PlayStation 1/PSX memory card bottle opener, the PlayStation Buttons Aluminium Drinks Bottle and the PlayStation controller-shaped belt buckle is because I needed a bottle opener that works properly, practical and simple to use, I didn’t have a flask or a drinks container and I only own one belt.

Fortunately, I’m happy to report the PlayStation controller memory card bottle opener have passed with flying colours. It managed to do what it’s created to do.

PlayStation memory card bottle opener fared better than the kitchen bottle opener.

My complaint is the circular edge which is below the aluminium drinks bottle looked cracked or a little bit damaged when it arrived at my doorstep.

To make matters worse, the aforementioned aluminium drinks bottle leaked when I placed it in a plastic bag and carried it with me on a day out, it leaked everywhere I go whether if it’s the female restrooms or the bus. It should’ve been built with better, durable material.

It’s a shame the aluminium drinks bottle is dented upon arrival.

In the future, the PlayStation Gear team should’ve packed the merchandise carefully and efficiently instead of placing them in a massive box and sealing it tight. Said pieces of merchandise should’ve been wrapped in bubble wrap, a transparent wrapper or a type of material before being secured in a package box. The team should’ve placed the products in separate boxes or in smaller boxes before they ship them out.

My negative criticisms about the belt buckle are there should’ve been a belt strap available to purchase from the store and there should’ve been a belt strap attached with the aforementioned belt buckle. Only the aforesaid belt buckle being available to buy without a belt strap is absurd.

The belt buckle should’ve come with a belt strap.

Aside from that, the prices are expensive, especially when I’m usually not comfortable with buying more than one item. The prices can vary from one object to the next but it depends on which product you’re planning to purchase.

To be frank, this is the first time I ordered from the store and so far, the team and the products themselves aren’t making a good first impression (in terms of the packaging conditions of the aforesaid products) except for the PlayStation bottle opener.

To conclude, due to how the three pieces of merchandise were haphazardly and sloppily packaged and the steep prices, you’re better off purchasing the items you desire from retail stores or try the other website shops such as Ebay, Amazon, GAME, GeekStoredotcom, Insert Coin Clothing and the official Numskull Designs, to name a few. Bear in mind there are certain items from the PlayStation Gear store that aren’t available in retail stores and in the abovementioned to splash out your money on.

At the moment, it’s hard to recommend the PlayStation Gear store to die-hard PlayStation fans judging by my first impression but I’d advise you to choose your items wisely before you make a decision to purchase any of the products and pray or cross your fingers they will turn up unscathed in one piece.

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