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Thank you for your interest in vendor space at Old School Gamer Tour. Please fill out the vendor application form after reading the rules and regulations. Below you will find the details on the space along with necessary information. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at rb@oldschoolgamer.com.

Single 8ft Table Space | 100 Square Feet | 200 Square Feet | 400 Square Feet

Each 100 square feet includes 2 8ft tables and is the price listed. Each single 8ft Table Space includes 1 8ft table and is the price listed for the day. Vendors are encouraged to bring their own tables or racks to fill their area as needed. Electricity will be available at the booths upon request at no extra charge. The following is pertinent information that you will need as a vendor at the Old School Gamer Tour Stop:

1.) VENDOR SET-UP: Check in/set-up is available Friday 6:00pm – 9:00pm and Saturday 6:00am – 9:00am. All vendors must be in place at their tables on Saturday by 9:00 am, although finalizing setup can continue until 9:30 am. Any vendor who is not in the venue by 9:00 am shall be determined to be a no show and the table(s) shall be offered to other individuals without refund. You shall remain set up until 5:00 pm, unless prior approval.
2.) INSURANCE: Vendors take all responsibility for any injuries or losses to them or their property while attending the show. All vendors shall hold harmless the promoters and the venue for any injury or loss.
3.) PAYMENT AND CONTRACT: Payment shall be made in full through this site. Payment is confirmation and reserves your space.
4.) VENDOR CANCELLATION/ REFUNDS: There will be no refunds on vendor spaces, please be sure you will be able to make it before reserving a spot.
5.) COVID-19: Old School Gamer will take any necessary precautions to ensure the safety and health of our vendors, staff and guests. In the case that the state of where the vent is hold will not allow large events to happen during the time of the convention, the date will be moved further into the year and all vendor payments will be applied to the new date.
6.) VENDORS: When there is a ticket cost for entry at the event, the following apply.  A limit of two personnel admitted per vendor space with one additional helper per two tables purchased, to a maximum of 4 personnel, no matter the number of tables. All vendors must be age 18 or older or accompanied by adult. Vendors are not allowed to reserve spaces for anyone but themselves and will not be permitted to sell or trade spaces they have reserved in any way.
7.) DISPLAYS: All items MUST BE ON, IN, OR UNDER YOUR TABLES, NO ITEMS will be permitted in the aisle ways. No signs will be allowed to be taped or tacked to any surface within the venue. All signs must be attached to your table by easily removable adhesive tape or free standing. The con shall provide tables and chairs. Any additional displays or shelving that is to be used must be floor safe or you must provide carpeting or floor safe mats to set up the display or shelving.
8.) SALES: All sales are between vendor and customers. Staff is not responsible for any sales related to your goods. All goods for sale must be legal for sale in the State of the event; any illegal goods will be required to be immediately removed from the premises. No imagery showing pornography, nudity or extreme violence will be permitted; this is a family friendly event.
9.) STAFF: Staff will be on hand to answer any questions or assist you in any matter related to the con.
10.) TABLE LOCATION: All table locations shall be assigned by the Tour Staff prior to the opening of vendor set up. A booth number will be assigned to each vendor and the booth will be numbered. Staff will also be on hand to assist you in finding your space.
11.) CON WEBSITE: If you have a logo you would like placed on the Tour Stop Vendor webpage, please forward it to rb@oldschoolgamer.com. If you wish to appear in advertising for the con, please contact us!
12.) MISCONDUCT: Any behavior that is a danger to guests or other vendors, in violation of any term of this contract, or illegal based on the laws of the state where the event is at will not be tolerated. If any behavior is witnessed to this extent, said party conducting said behavior shall be removed from the premises of the con, and no refunds shall be given.
13.) SALES TAX: Vendor (the undersigned) hereby agrees to pay all applicable state and local sales taxes directly to the director of revenue or other proper authority, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the promoters and organizers for payment of state and local taxes related to sales of vendor goods.

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Single 8ft Table Space, 100 Square Feet, 200 Square Feet, 400 Square Feet


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