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Welcome to another episode of RGDS. Matt L hosts a 4-way roundtable with Ric, Garron and Matt A to discuss one of their favourite import consoles, the PC Engine.

As the Engine just celebrated it’s 30th anniversary we each breakdown 3 games each that we think are essential for newbies or hardened PC Engine gamers to check out. We also discuss the history of the console, it’s many variations and innovations and the legacy it left on the industry.

We are also joined by special guest, Paul McCaskie of the Game Music Gaiden podcast who shares with us his unique experiences of the PC Engine and how many of it’s games inspired his own Podcast.

We hope you enjoy this unique journey into one of Japan’s most mysterious but high quality gaming systems. Be sure to check out the links below

Game Music Gaiden by Paul McCaskie – @GameMusicGaiden

RGDS Podcast – @RGDSPodcast

Matt L – @Lambomat

Garron – @RetroShumper

Ric – @RetroRic79

Matt A – @Matt_Aguilera


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