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Welcome to a special episode of RGDS, where Matt interviews Colin Dimond, the co-founder of the famous Import store ‘Console Concepts’. Colin’s career spanned from the late 80’s into the mid-2000’s whereby he ran several stores specialising in the import of consoles and games such as the PC Engine, Mega Drive, Super Famicom and Neo Geo. If you were a regular reader of magazines such as CVG, Mean Machines, Super Play and many others of the era, no doubt you’d have seen some of Console Concepts legendary full page colour adverts, or perhaps even bought you first import console and games from them. Colin’s story is a fascinating one, as he used knowledge of his other big passion (importing 60’s Soul music) and applied it to the video game business to create one of the most infamous and memorable video game stores during the peak of the Retro Years.

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