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Hello Boys & Ghouls and welcome to a Spooktacular episode of RGDS, where the Crypt Keepers  Paul Driscoll and Gordon King take you kicking and screaming through some ghoulish retro Halloween games to enjoy this this time of year. So grab yourself a nice steaming Ghoulash stew and settle down for some monstrous podcast fun. Don’t forget we are all on Facebook: and Twitter : @RGDSPodcast So please reach out to us and let us know any other Spooky retro video games you recommend or discuss with us anything.

Show Notes:

Cup Head : Betty Boop Halloween Special :

Games Covered: Dark Seed (PC, Amiga, CD32, Saturn, PS1) – Eternal Darkness :  Sanity’s Requiem  (Gamecube) –

Dr Franken (Gameboy) –

Mr Bones (Saturn) –

Frank ‘N’ Stein (Spectrum) – Luigi Mansion (Gamecube) –

Additional Info: Way to Play Infocom text Adventures Two great spooky Infocom games:  

Zombie Ate My Neigbours 2 (Fan Made Sequel): Level Editor for SNES to make your own levels:

Brental Floss  Luigi Mansion with Music:


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