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Kingy and Drisky talk about the Amiga’s attempt to release a console with the CD32.   It may have been a short lived system, but it had a great line up of games for the system.  So come and listen as we take you through the best games for the system with our A to Z. So give the system a try and reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter (@RgdsPocast).

Show Notes: Drakan (PC) Files to update game : Virtual Boy Emulator for Oculus Rify – VBJin (VR)

Retro Game Challenge – DS Retro Game Challenge 2 – Fan Translation

CD32 Advert Games Covered: Alien Breed Tower – Assault Big 6 Chaos Engine D/Gen Emerald Mine Fire and Ice Guardian Hero Quest 2 IK+ James Pond 2 : Robocod Kid Chaos Lotus Trilogy Myth (Retro Gamer Issue 120 making of) Naughty Ones Out to Lunch (inc Picture) Project X Quik The Thunder Rabbit Road Kill Simon The Sorceror Trolls Ultimate Body Blows Virtual Light Worms Zool 2 Honourable mentions: Arabian Night Banshee International Sensible Soccer Morph Lamborghini American Challenge

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