Slot games come in countless different themes and aesthetics. One of the most popular looks for recent slot games is a retro and nostalgic appearance. This appeals to younger players, especially when it comes to slots based on games from their childhood.

Retro slots still use the latest technology, regardless of their appearance. For instance, some of the best ETH casino hot games are retro slots, but they are played using the most innovative cryptocurrency.

In this article, we’ll review some of the most popular retro slot games, every player needs to try.

Western Belles

 This vintage game with a Wild West theme does everything it can to resemble the original game, down to the sounds and music themes. The game features 5 reels, 40 paylines and a wild reel feature. This bonus is a pay-to-play option.

The game can be played on mobile and desktop devices and on both major operating systems. Western Belles is produced and designed by IGT. The theme features traditional playing card symbols and the bonus reel is symbolized by revolvers which are fitting to the theme.


 Evangelion slot is based on the cult Japanese anime show Neon Genesis Evangelion. The show was popular in the 90s but over the years it became a cultural phenomenon. Its symbolism is now used in a slot game made by the 888 developer team. The game allows for 25 coins to be used at once and the lowest possible bet is $0.1.

The bonus feature is called the combat-free spin.  This feature is triggered when 3, 4, or 5 scatters appear anywhere on the reels. When you land 3 scatters, you get 10 free spins, when you land 4 scatters you get 15 free spins, and when you land 5 scatters you get 20 free spins.

Crazy 7

 Crazy 7 is a simple and retro mobile slot. In fact, the game is one of the most minimalistic slots out there. It features small bets and small wins, an intense sound design, and graphics as bare as possible. Crazy 7 only has one payline and that’s its best feature as well as its worst. The game with one payline gets boring pretty fast.

Classic 3 reeler slots are a great throwback to the 80s when slots were less complicated. It won’t keep you occupied for too long, but you should definitely try it out.


 SafeCracker is a retro slot with simple gameplay and a unique theme, which is its biggest draw. The slot has three reels, one win line, and a huge jackpot. The design is very clever, as the player cracks open a safe if they win the game.

The minimum bet you can make is $0.5 and the maximum one is $5. There’s also a mobile version and the game works on both major operating systems. There are no wild or catcher symbols and the main feature of this slot is its simplicity and engaging gameplay.

Reel Rush

 Reel Rush is as retro as it goes. The graphics are low res, the soundtrack is vintage and the game is made to look as if it’s played on an 8-bit computer. This 80s aesthetic is gaining ground with young players who have grown to idealize the era.

The volatility is mid-range and the return to player rate is similar to most slot games. The fruit theme is a classic and there are a bit over 3000 ways to win at this slot. A gold wild bonus is also available. Reel Rush remains one of the most popular retro slots, as it’s simple and very engaging.

Wonder Woman

 Wonder Woman was a popular comic book dating back to the 1940s. The TV show based on it became popular in the 1980s and this slot game uses the 80s aesthetic. It’s not the Wonder Woman modern viewers are used to from the movies, but the fans of the comic book will feel right at home.

This five-reel slot has four rows, and the pay lines are fixed at 40. This game is accessible on tablets, smartphones, and desktops. It is very flexible in terms of betting range, as players can place a wager from just 40p to a maximum of $200.

Rubik’s Riches

 The gameplay of this slot game looks and sounds like an old fruit machine, but the aesthetic is inspired by Rubik’s cube. The game is great fun and quite addictive, but its best feature is the trip down memory lane it provides.

The bets range from $0.1 to $10. The game is simple so there are just 21 ways to win at Rubik’s Riches. The biggest payout of $20 comes with an additional $50 bonus. There are 16 paylines and 3X3 reels. A bonus level comes with a little touch of creativity, when players need to peel the stickers of a Rubik’s cube.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

 Creature from the Black Lagoon was made by NetEnt and in cooperation with the studio behind the original IP, the Universal. The 1954 horror monster film is one of the most popular movies of its genre and it has inspired countless references and parodies.

There’s a respin and free spin feature. There are 5 reels and 20 pay lines, the bets range from $0.2 to $10. The game offers 2 different types of bonuses and a 750 times jackpot. The game isn’t that different from most other slots, but its theme and aesthetic put it over the top.

Retro Reels

 Retro reels is an imitation machine – a modern slot that’s made to look like one of the fruit machines that were popular in the 80s and 90s. It’s a fruit-themed slot, which was a popular look at the time. Its simplicity and retro look and feel are the most important features and the main cause of its appeal.

The game has 20 paylines and 5 reels. There’s also a big cash jackpot that pays out over 400,000 coins. The return to player rate is set at about 96 percent, which is somewhat lower than average.

Jackpot 6000

 Jackpot 6000 is a mobile retro slot game that’s simple enough to use and learn and that’s made to resemble vintage fruit games. The arcade aesthetic of the 80s will hit some players right in childhood and for the younger ones it has an old-timey vibe that’s become quite popular.

The betting limits are very low so you can play just for fun, but there’s also an option of betting big and getting a huge jackpot. The bonus features are the same as with retro arcades.


 Retro slots are very popular since they provide all the modern features and an old-time look and feel. Most of the slots we’ve mentioned have simple gameplay and a minimalist look. The games have multipliers that can up your winnings if you’re lucky enough and bonus rounds with special payouts.

All of the slots on our list can be played on mobile devices and on all operating systems. They can also be played for fiat or cryptocurrencies. Therefore the technology behind the vintage games is new and welcoming to younger players in particular.

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