About Old School Gamer Magazine

Old School Gamer is dedicated to the gamer who enjoys everything from Arcade Game collecting – refurbishing – playing to the home console gamer reliving his childhood from the 70s, 80s and 90s and passing it onto the next generation of gamers.  Those that collect the arcade machines, bring that back to life and play them, those that collect and enjoy games from the first generation to the current. Free digital subscriptions can be signed up for at OldSchoolGamer.com and we have a dynamic website that presents our magazine well with special editions for paid subscribers and free subscribers.  Three editions of the magazine go out with every issue, the print magazine, a digitally enhanced version of the print magazine, and a shorter free edition.  All of our advertisers appear in all 3 magazine editions.

Old School Gamer Magazine was created to fill a hole in the retro gaming community.  In North America, there has been nearly a dozen magazines attempted over the last 10+ years and hardly any of them have gotten past a dozen issues, we have been going strong for nearly 5 years and are looking for more advertising support to add to our magazine and assure it’s production for another 5 years.

Our ownership comes from a background of publishing for the last 20+ years in the mobile disc jockey industry.  We are gamers and publishers. Ryan Burger, OSG’s Publisher, grew up with his Intellivision and his Genesis, always getting the less popular systems because he liked them better, and now collects arcade machines and home consoles with an affinity to Atari.  We are looking forward to meeting you in person at one of the upcoming retro gaming expos.

Ryan Burger – Publisher

Sponsored Posts Policy

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Review Policies

Any product that retails for under $100 we ask that the product be given to Old School Gamer Magazine and it will be noted in the review that the product was sent to us complimentary.  Games that are available in physical cartridge format are preferred as we prefer to not use emulators on reviews.  Any product over that amount, a complimentary product is appreciated but not required.  We need minimally a 30-day loaner window and ask that UPS tags be included or offered for return of the product.  Note the product will be used actively and will be returned in a b-stock condition but all packaging, manuals, cards, etc will be returned.

Reviews are published within 30 days online whenever possible unless held back by request of the manufacturer/publisher for release dates and marketing.

Press Release Policies

Old School Gamer Magazine will publish any press release received that fits within our editorial focus of retro video gaming, its culture, and more.  Additionally, other content of interest to our readers will sometimes be added into our regular mix.  Please sign up press@oldschoolgamermagazine.com for such releases.


OLD SCHOOL GAMER MAGAZINE Digital ISSN 2574-8076 / Print ISSN  ISSN 2574-8068 is published bi-monthly by BC Productions Inc., 807 NE Park Street, Grimes IA 50111.   Periodicals postage to be applied for at Grimes, IA, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to OLD SCHOOL GAMER MAGAZINE, 807 NE Park Street,
Grimes IA 50111.