Market to Gamers

Old School Gamer is in an amazing stage at this point.  We have been publishing for just around a year, have built our name within the industry and are turning profitable on schedule.

  • Each print issue goes out to around 1000 -2000 subscribers and industry leaders.
  • Each issue also hits digitally in 2 different methods.  First of all through the digital magazine that you can find at OldSchoolgamer.Com/magazine, promoted through mass emails going out to over 20,000 retro collectors and players who have signed up.  Secondarily it is also pushed through our blog based website at OldSchoolGamer.Com.  The digital version is also pushed heavily through social media, Facebook groups and more and is seeing upwards of 10,000 readers for each issue.

We have based our pricing below based on our current numbers with the print and digital magazine and website and are continuing to grow with every issue!


  • Full Page Advertisement in both Digital and Print Magazine – $350 on an issue by issue commitment, or $300 on an annual basis (6 issues) – Video embedded
  • Half Page Advertisement in both Digital and Print Magazines – $175 issue by issue, $140 on an annual basis – Video embedded
  • Quarter Page Advertisement in both Digital and Print Magazines – only available annually – $600
  • We publish January – March – May – July – September – November – and ad copy is due in 15 days before the cover month, commitments are due 30 days before the cover month starts.

Website/Social Media Promotion and Advertisements

  • $75/month for banner advertising run of site with Facebook promotion weekly.

Mass Emails

Technical Specs for ads

  • FILE FORMATS: JPEG (preferred), TIFF, PNG, Illustrator AI or EPS (packaged with fonts/links), PDF. (PSD files should be flattened and a copy saved as JPEG or other listed format for submission.)
  • SIZE: Two Page Spread – 17″x11″ (final trim size is 16.5×10.75), Full Page / Full Bleed = 8.5″x11″ (final trim size is 8.25″x10.75″) – Live matter (text, important graphic elements) should be at least 1″ away from all edges. Fractionals: 1/2 Page = 7.5″x5″ (horizontal) or 3.75″x10″ (vertical); 1/4 Page = 3.5″x5″.
  • HIGH-RESOLUTION: Ad files must have a minimum actual resolution of 300 DPI.
  • CMYK COLOR: Please use CMYK color to assure color matching when issues are printed.
  • DELIVERY: Ads should be sent by e-mail or a link from a file-sharing service (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • LINKS: Ads will be linked to web addresses mentioned in copy, unless otherwise specified.
  • VIDEO: Content to be embedded in ads will be pulled from advertiser’s YouTube feed unless otherwise requested. If specific video is desired, please submit link with magazine ad copy.
  • BANNERS: 250×250 animated GIF or JPG, Doubleclick for Publishers used for banner system.