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Old School Gamer has been doing retro video game coverage on computers since its start in 2017, but now as of 2022, we are turning it up stronger.  Look for more resources to be added to these pages.  If we aren’t covering your favorite computer from the past or you want to be part of the team archiving and celebrating the past, email

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Five Great ST Games From 1986

Five Great ST Games From 1986

When the 520 Atari ST was released in the summer of 1985, it wowed computer journalists with its high-resolution Mac-alike monochrome display, and its 16-color (from a palette of 512)  320 x 200 graphics mode aimed squarely at the games market while "The 520 ST has...

My Apple IIc

My Apple IIc

"Recreating 1986 in West Des Moines" Upon attending the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, I went on a mission to recreate my computer experiences of the late 1980s.  For me, that meant an apple ][c computer, a standard green screen monitor, a joystick, and a bunch of...