We have recently found out through Facebook that as of December this year, Robert Wilson will be releasing his upcoming C64 game of ‘Quasimodo’s Christmas Caper’; An in development Arcade Platformer which is a spin off to Hunchback Redux (currently in development) featuring Quasimodo. To coincide with this news, not only is there a new gameplay teaser to view, but there’s details about the game which can be viewed below.

In brief here is what the developer says about his upcoming game for the C64. “The main objective is to collect all 25 snowballs on each level and to collect the bonus stars which will fall from clouds.  If you collect all the required coloured stars, you are rewarded with an extra life.  Collecting gold stars will get you to the bonus stage within the game. There will be 3 difficulty levels which will be selectable for the game mode on the title screen, there will be music, the game is now around 95% complete and finally The Halloween themed levels will appear next year”

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