Even more C64 games to get through today, as trawling through the CSdb database we’ve come across a new C64 game as a preview called ‘Riviera Story’ by Bladawietz(?). This game available to try, looks to be an Arcade platformer in which you play as Fred and must survive deadly trials by avoiding enemies, collecting beer and replenishing your supply in the allotted time. To coincide with this news not only can you play the preview, but some gameplay footage has been made available viewable below.

Here is what was said in brief about the preview in the loading screen. Although you cannot complete the game as it’s not finished yet, at least in the latest preview you can at least visit one of the levels as a teaser to the full game. In regards to the full version you will have to survive 2:00 in every 10 torment chambers while not only avoiding everything that moves which will kill you, including the flames, but you must maintain your beer level above 0% to survive. And that’s just a small snippet from the preview description, but for further there’s a download available linked below.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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