Remember when we featured the exclusive news story of the brand new Arcade conversion of Puzzle Bobble, which was released for the Commodore 64 thanks to ACIED, NM1564 and Hend as a 100% replica of the Puzzle Bobble arcade version? Well here’s some great news for all of our readers, as trawling through the scene database we’ve just found that the same team behind the excellent Arcade conversion have released a new v1.21 update!

Video Link for Mobile Users – New video soon!

Puzzle Bobble is a tribute to Taito and the C64 with it being completely free without any commercial intent. Taito will be respected as well as the logo and trade mark, with the source code being released at a later date for other developers to make clones or other versions. The game uses high fidelity sound effects and 4 bit samples with the use of patterns instead of regular sfx to obtain the best possible sfx for gaming, the game is bitmap based as an advantage of using as much colour as needed for the background and playfield, and the best of all a lot of graphical features, as well as much much more including a two player mode, joystick and paddle support!

Changelog v1.1-1.21

  • Repaired a bug that made the poor dragons turn the turnwheel forever
  • Added a posibility to adjust the jitter of your paddle.
  • Paddle fire support in crackintro and trainer
  • Adjusted the digiboost to work (better) on 8580 sid.
  • Added directory art by Logiker (thanks).
  • Bugfix (when screen ‘shakes’, could glitch or slowdown)

Links :1) Source 2) Download 3) Discussion

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