Are you looking for some spooky games to play this week on Antstream Arcade? Look no further, as we present a spectral septet of some of the spookiest games ready to stream, for free, right now! From classic Eighties horror to goblins, ghouls, vampires and slobbering aliens, there are plenty of goosebumps waiting for you on Antstream Arcade. With all our horror games heavily influenced by film and TV, we also recommend something to view afterwards. So hold on to your popcorn – this is one bloodcurdling ride!

Maniac Mansion – Lucasfilm, 1987

This point-and-click adventure is a mix of classic Fifties sci-fi and horror starring a cast of teenagers and, of course, a spooky old mansion. Maniac Mansion stars Dave Miller, who has enlisted his friends to help him locate his girlfriend, Sandy Pantz. A mad scientist, his mind scrambled by a mysterious meteorite, has kidnapped Dave’s girl. Leaning on several sci-fi B-movie tropes, Maniac Mansion is the perfect blend of comedy and horror for Halloween.

What to watch afterwards: While it doesn’t feature a loony boffin, few buildings are as terrifying as the mansion in 1963’s The Haunting.

Scary Monsters

Time for some horror of a more traditional kind. All-American hero Harry Johns and his girlfriend Conny are trapped on the island of the insane Dr Graves. Exploring each building, Harry must kill six famous monsters – a witch, mummy, werewolf, vampire, hunchback and Frankenstein – so that he and Conny can escape the clutches of the loopy doctor. Each creepy building conceals one of the creatures and a host of other dastardly monsters; fortunately, Harry can fire energy bolds [that is fortunate-Ed] to discourage enemies – can you help this pair of sweethearts in this spooky Commodore 64 game?

What to watch afterwards: Plenty of options here with Scary Monsters’ eclectic cast. How about Universal’s classic, The Mummy, starring Boris Karloff?


If you love horror movies such as The Evil Dead, Friday The 13th and Reanimator, then Splatterhouse is a game that will chill and cheer you in equal measure. This Namco arcade game stars Rick, resurrected inside a horrific mansion (nicknamed the Splatterhouse) by the Terror Mask. Given superhuman strength by the mystical mask, Rick stomps throughout the mansion and its grounds, splatting monsters as he tries to locate his girlfriend, Jennifer. Gory, intense and horrific, Splatterhouse is not for the faint-hearted!

Watch to watch afterwards: Given the Terror Mask’s creepy resemblance to Jason’s ice hockey mask, there’s only one choice here: Friday The 13th Part III.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

We think we need a bit of light relief following the intensity of Splatterhouse, and this Sega Mega Drive is the perfect response. Deep within his dark and dingy castle, the evil Dr Tongue has been busy creating a bunch of terrifying monsters before letting them loose on the nearby town. Across the range of suburban locations, heroes Zeke and Julie rescue the town’s inhabitants while repelling the fearsome creatures with a variety of unusual weaponry. From Terror In Aisle Five to Office Of The Doomed, Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a hilarious rescue mission featuring a horde of shambling fiends!

What to watch afterwards: The ultimate horror-comedy movie featuring zombies: 2004’s Shaun of The Dead. What else?

The Curse Of Illmoore Bay

We stick with the suburban horror theme for our next Halloween game, the spooky Curse Of Illmoore Bay. Having discovered a legendary book called Wicked Carols, a foolish resident of the sleepy town of Woodsboro has carelessly invoked the spirit of the Dark Djinn. With the demonic creature attempting to take over Illmoore Bay, three brave kids take on the dreadful monsters that plague each area. Inspired by multiple horror movies and more, this is a cartoon adventure with plenty of dread! Welcome to Illmoore!

Watch to watch afterwards: Swap Illmoore Bay for Antonio Bay, and you have the perfect film to watch in John Carpenter’s 1980 classic, The Fog.


The Namco arcade game Baraduke, also known as Alien Sector, features a different type of horror. Two spacesuited women are exploring a series of other-worldly caves. Inevitably, these are far from empty: a legion of slobbering aliens awaits them, each deadly to the touch and spouting globular poison at our heroines. Throughout the icky and infested worlds, Kissy and Takky eliminate enemies with their wave guns, with a cute sentient shield as their only means of protection.

What to watch afterwards: 1986’s Aliens is the ideal movie to relax with after an intense session on Baraduke.

Think you can scare up a spookier game on Antstream Arcade? Let us know your favourite games and movies over at the Antstream Arcade Discord server.

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