Once again there’s another fighting game that’s well worth a mention, as thanks to Jon Eggelton letting us know through our Indie Retro News Facebook group, we’ve been told that he and Gianluca Alberico is working on a new game for the C64 called ‘SNK vs CAPCOM’; a game which is using their in development fighting engine known as RetroFighter. In light of this news update, not only is there some new footage for you to view, but a demo has made available for you to try on a C64!

Video Link for Mobile Users

Unlike before when we said that Retro Fighter is a new work in progress C64 versus fighting engine with new features implemented such as a new UI and colour selection for each player, intro sequences before the battle commences for each player, flaming hits and projectiles, special moves, and different battle arenas. What has changed since the first shout out is…. The game not only has a name called SNK vs CAPCOM, but you can find a bonus round, 5 new fighters (one is secret), improved fighters size and quality, and (finally but important) new backgrounds and general graphics improvements made by the great contribution of JonEgg all available in the demo!


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