A retro computer game inspired by Ultima and The Bard’s Tale. Playable on Apple II or on a modern Mac or PC. Defend the realm!




Nox Archaist is a tile-based, 8-bit, sword-and-sorcery role-playing game modeled after the iconic games of the 1980s.

Our goals for this project are to capture the retro-gaming experience from the 1980s and explore what might have happened if commercial RPG development had continued on 8-bit computers to the present day. Nox Archaist will be playable on both original Apple II hardware (128k enhanced Apple //e, Apple IIc, and Apple IIGS) and modern Mac and Windows PCs through emulators. For real hardware you’ll need either dual floppy drives or a hard drive (such as the CFFA3000 or FloppyEMU).

We are developing Nox Archaist from scratch, in assembly language, on real Apple II hardware. We’re talking handmade quality bits here. All 8 of them.

The Nox Archaist kickstarter has multiple reward tiers, containing items such as:

  • Digital download of the game, manual, and music
  • Full-color sturdy game box
  • Paper or cloth map of the realm
  • Printed game manual
  • Unique game artifacts
  • In-game rewards such as naming rights and dungeon design
  • Special titles such as Baron, Count, or Lord

You crawl ashore, spluttering out sea water, still clutching your sword. Every muscle aches from struggling against the storm, then later, against the waves. You were so close to discovering the secret of the magical barrier that threatens your homeland. Your investigations led you to a mysterious cult. But, after hearing fell voices on the winds of the storm that rose up out of nowhere, you fear that larger forces may be at play. You thought you heard the name Vazarath whispered among them. Now, shipwrecked and with your companions dead, how can you hope to accomplish your mission?

Raising your head, you see a figure approach, carrying a glowing torch. As the figure steps closer, you see that the light comes not from a torch, but from the tip of an oak staff. A black robe envelopes the figure, with a low hood that completely obscures the creature’s face. A cultist? With a cry you struggle to free your sword from the clinging seaweed. As you look up, you see that the figure is simply standing there, holding out their hand. You slowly take the hand and pull yourself to your feet. As they lower their hood and smile warmly, you realize that even though you swore to defend the realm from shadow and darkness, perhaps you don’t have to do it alone.

Nox Archaist is set in a sinister realm ruled by swords and sorcery. Adventurers brave enough to explore Nox Archaist will encounter engaging NPCs and a vast storyline within a sandbox world with linear storyline elements. Hordes of vile enemies will block your path to fame and riches.

Much more than just a “hack and slash” game, Nox Archaist will offer a rich and rewarding world to explore and discover, with many secrets, interesting stories, and a deep history to unravel.

Gamers will enjoy features like skills-driven character development and strategic turn-based combat scenarios which integrate with the game’s storyline and push the boundaries of the Apple II platform.

Features that push the Apple II envelope include:

  • Complex world with both linear storyline and non-linear sandbox elements
  • Hiding in tall grass, horse jumping, swimming
  • NPCs with independent movement and adaptive behavior
  • Advanced mob combat tactics
  • Popup windows and other modern user interface elements
Let's take a look at our party!
Let’s take a look at our party!
Time to break out the spells and weapons!
Time to break out the spells and weapons!
I know, let's buy a ship!
I know, let’s buy a ship!
Making camp - what could go wrong?
Making camp – what could go wrong?
$399 Game Designer, Collector's Edition, design your own location, Count of the Realm, certificate, letter from the Queen, optional autographed map
$399 Game Designer, Collector’s Edition, design your own location, Count of the Realm, certificate, letter from the Queen, optional autographed map
$10 Digital download of game, manual, map, music

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