Lemmings was a game published by Psygnosis way back in the early 90’s for the Amiga, Atari ST and PC and regarded by many as one of the greatest games ever, especially as it featured many blue, green haired Lemmings that could be blown up, ripped apart and dropped from the highest of points before they even hope to reach that exit. So why is that great game getting another mention on IRN? Well as of today if you have an Apple II, you can try out the latest proof of concept of the game which is being developed by┬áDeater!

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Here is what the creator says about Lemmings for the Apple II.” I was watching a 30-year anniversary video on Lemmings and then a dangerous thing happened, I realized the colors weren’t that far off of the Apple II hires palette. So I took a break from my Peasant’s Quest project and used all my newfound hi-res graphics skills to see what I could implement. Do be aware however, this is a proof of concept to see if the 1991 game Lemmings could run on an Apple II computer from 1977 and as such this is not a full version of the game, it’s just the first ten levels with various changes in gameplay due to Apple II limitations”.

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