It wasn’t long ago now that here on Indie Retro News, we did multiple features of both the hit classic’s Pac-Man and Ms Pacman over to the Amiga by JOTD as two great Arcade conversions. Well here we are with another Pacman game! As thanks to Per Ola Eriksson,¬†Hayesmaker and Saberman contacting us today, we have been told that Arlasoft has finally released the Arcade tribute of Pacman over to the C64! To coincide with this news make sure to check out the latest gameplay footage of this awesome looking game.

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This looks to be a good Arcade homage for those of you who remember the classic from 1982. As not only does it have all the dot chomping goodness you could want in a Pac-Man Arcade game, but includes the famous kill screen that occurs when completing level 255, the sound effects from the classic 1982 game, and much much more which will make you feel like you’re playing yet another classic on your C64! So yes certainly one to download and enjoy through the week ahead.

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