We’ve featured many Atari 2600 to C64 conversions and ports throughout the years, from Spider Fighter, to Keystone Kapers and even our personal favorite Frostbite. Well here’s some good news to get us through this Friday which has been developed by H4plo, Marukpa and Richard Bayliss, is the Atari 2600 to C64 conversion/port of Seaquest; a video game written by Steve Cartwright for the Atari 2600 and published by Activision in 1983, in which playing as a submarine you need to shoot at enemies and rescue divers.

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As noted by the description : “The aim is to rescue stranded divers, avoid sharks and enemy submarines, and not run out of oxygen. You can refill your oxygen by going to the surface at the cost of one diver. If you surface with no rescued divers, you lose a life. However if you surface with six divers, you get a nice bonus based on how much oxygen you have left. This is called a “round”. After each round the enemies become faster, their number increases, and destroying them gives you more points. After two rounds an enemy sub starts patrolling the surface too. You gain an extra life every 10000 points, maximum six in reserve“.

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