Another retro gaming article to keep you company and yes there’s certainly been a lot today already, is a brand new game for the C64 called ‘Castle Climber’. This game developed by Nello Galiano for the Retro Programmers Inside competition, is a vertical scrolling Arcade game in which you need to climb the highly defended tower of a castle while trying not to be knocked off by closing gates, thrown jugs and deadly arrows or spears.

Help the Knight save the princess by climbing the tower while collecting keys to open the doors. Not only can you use your shield and mace to defend yourself, but this should help you reach the princess throughout many of the challenging levels that get ever more difficult as you play. So yes certainly sounds like an enjoyable game to play, and more so that these games we’ve featured so far are inspired by classing climbing games released on the Atari 2600!

Links :1) Source Thanks liqmatrix for the heads up!

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