If you’ve been following RetroSouls through the last couple of years, you would’ve known that they have released great games such as GLUF, Old Tower, Twinlight, Alter Ego, and even Tourmaline for the ZX Spectrum. Well if you remember one of those games as Old Towers, then you might like this news update, as thanks to Andy Noble who announced it on Twitter, he has said that he has released his Atari ST port of the game with full permission from RetroSouls.

Video Link for Mobile Users ( Old Towers also appeared on the C64 and MegaDrive )

Featuring a wicked soundtrack, an awesome loading screen and superb graphics all ported over by Andy for the Atari ST. You play as a little explorer and must traverse ever higher in a tower filled with deadly traps and bats. Beware though as this wont be an easy task, as the only thing to help you is your own quick thinking and the ultimate of tower climbing skills… So good luck!

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