Now I remember Dragon’s Lair very well, from the Amstrad version with the jumping of platforms or trying to stay on the spinning disk without being blown off, or the interactive animated version which appeared as a laserdisc in which you needed to press a specific direction at the right time to survive. Both were simply brilliant games, but what has surprised me today is Antoine Vignau with Olivier Zardini has announced in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Brutal Deluxe Software, they have released the interactive games of Dragon’s Lair and Dragon’s Lair II for the Apple IIgs.

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Originally released in 1983 was an epic laserdisc video game that many people still remember today, and that game was Dragon’s Lair, which was by Don Bluth and originally published by Cinematronics. It was so special, in the fact that not only was it like a game, but it allowed you to play in an interactive experience in a cartoon animation. You didn’t just watch a cartoon, you actually played it! So yes while I do remember playing these awesome games, it’s great to hear that it is now available as a double release for the Apple IIgs!

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