For those of you who have played Valve’s hit game of Portal might like this early hour news story, as we’ve recently been informed via CSDb, that if you head on over to the itch page below, you can  download either the Commodore PET or C64 version of PETSCII Portal. A tribute to the Flash game Portal2d, which itself was a tribute to the Valve game Portal. Written / released in 2021. To coincide with this news announcement, a new video has been shown below!

Video Link for Mobile Users

PETSCII Portal looks like a rather interesting conversion from its modern day vibe, as it also features Portals and puzzles just like the original game, as well as a functioning companion cube. For those of you who want to know if it’s any good, one user on the CSDb site was quoted as saying “Very nice game! Very playable, also deep music this reminds me of how much I miss a new installment of Portal.

  • PETSCII Portal written by Jim Orlando for the CBM PET.
  • C64 PETSCII Portal port by Kornel Kolma.

Links :1) C64 2) Commodore PET

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