“So, do I turn this “Winger” tape into MP3’s or do I just plop it to the bottom of the stack, never again to see the light of day?”

This was the first question I posed to myself as I was sifting through the collection of audio cassettes my wife and I have accumulated over our combined lives to chose what will be copied and converted into audio files on our PC. When it comes to music, I’m pretty cheap-just looking at the many one dollar vinyl albums I picked up from Goodwill or the fact we still have all these tapes that were never replaced with CDs is a good indicator. Who would really want to replace a Cory Hart cassette with a
CD anyway? While pulling some old “Weird Al” Yankovic tapes off the rack I came across three unlabeled cases. This brought about the second question: “What are these?”. The answer was more positive than the one that decided the fate of Mr. Winger’s musical project. Upon opening the first case I discovered a Radio Shack/Tandy labeled cassette with the words “Merry X-mas 1984” written in ball point pen. Radio Shack…my mind was immediately filled with memories of a Christmas in Las Vegas back in 1984 right before we returned to Wisconsin. My Dad had assembled a bunch of games and
graphic toys that he had typed in from magazines or written himself for me to play on Tandy’s little computer, the Color Computer (CoCo). The other cases contained tapes from a magazine called “The Rainbow”, specifically their first two “Rainbow Book of Adventure” collections. The discovery caused me to sit up against the wall and think back to a time where my computing was typically greeted by a bright green screen notifying me of the Extended Color BASIC I was about to use with a flickering
rectangular cursor eagerly waiting for my input.

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