Great news if  you have an Commodore 64 as we’ve recently been given the heads up by Saberman through Facebook, that Arlasoft who was behind the great Arcade conversions such as Donkey Kong Jr, Fastfood, Galaga and Galaxian DX has released an unofficial port of the original arcade version of ‘ Berzerk ‘ for the Commodore 64. Why is this great news you might ask? Well Berzerk was one of the first games to dynamically generate mazes and have synthesized voices in the 1980’s and it’s a damn fun game to play as well!


In this game you play as the mighty green stickman human in the image above, and must move through random mazes full of robots. To score points the player must destroy robots by shooting at them. To advance to another maze the player can escape through an opening in the wall. It’s time to escape after a smiley face of Evil Otto that can’t be destroyed enters and hunts the player…. Be careful he’s deadly!
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