Coming as a complete surprise to us, especially as the game was delayed indefinitely back in 2020, we are pleased to announce that as from today on Steam, you’ll be able to play Nightdive Studios’ Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition; A highly anticipated remaster of Westwood Studio’s classic point-and-click adventure which will be launching for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. To coincide with this news, there’s a launch trailer which gives you a glimpse of what to expect in this “enhanced” edition.

Developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive in 1997, Blade Runner is a pretty faithful recreation of the movie. Similarly to the movie, you play as a cop, Roy McCoy whose mission is to terminate “replicants”. Several of the characters from the movie make an appearance, but Rick Deckard does not appear in speaking roll. He is referred, and even seen on couple of occasions and his actions from the movie are mentioned.

Blade Runner is an adventure game, but it does not feature classic inventory puzzles and requires you to pay attention and have good reflexes, but this makes the game more atmospheric. In the game you can use the Voight-Kampff usually at predetermined point in the game, although on occasion the game gives you an option of administrating the test. If the test is positive, you have the option of killing them, arresting them or letting them go.

The game begins shortly after the film, and McCoy is tasked with investigating with the group of replicants suspected of killing of animals. As the story progresses, McCoy is framed for the murder of the civilian and from there on story gets more intense. The game has multiple endings, which are based on your actions and decisions you made during the story.

Main Features

  • Groundbreaking Real-Time story structure creates a unique experience every time you play
  • Interact with over 70 motion-captured characters, all with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their own agendas
  • Stunning visuals, as well as atmospheric smoke, fog, fire and rain that affect your character in Real-Time
  • Top notch Hollywood talent from the original film including Sean Young, James Hong, Joe Turkel, Brian James and William Sanderson
  • Rich, ambient, multi-track audio environment creates an immersive gaming experience
  • Includes specially recreated cuts from the original Blade Runner soundtrack
  • Continually animating, full screen, high resolution cinematics and game play in millions of emulated colors
  • Dramatic camera movements – during gameplay – heighten the Blade Runner experience
  • Step into the role of a Blade Runner by utilizing the ESPER photo analysis machine, administering the Voigt-Kampff replicant detection test, flying in a police Spinner and analyzing clues with your Knowledge Integration Assistant (KIA)
  • Breakthrough Real-Time lighting, such as directional, color, volumetric, attenuated and animating effects

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is a faithful restoration of the classic adventure game featuring:

  • Reconstruction and upressing of original Westwood VQA Videos
  • Cinematic Video frame rates updated from 15fps to 60fps
  • Modern HD Display
  • Enhanced “Knowledge Integration Assistant”” (KIA) and clue user interface
  • Enhanced Subtitle support
  • Modern gamepad support
  • SMAA Anti Aliasing
  • Anisotropic texture filtering
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