Thanks to a heads up earlier today from Saberman, we’ve been told that Tatqoo&Dely has released the final version of their new game for the Atari XL/XE called ‘Dungeon Adventurer’. A game in which you must traverse a dark tomb that will only illuminate with the use of the luminous stones! To coincide with this news, if you like games where you have to find your way out of a difficult maze, then make sure to check out the gameplay video provided below.

Here’s the latest from the creator. “A simple game for Atari XL/XE, created in a dozen hours at the Game Compo at Last Party 2024 in Licheń Stary. The game was written in Mad Pascal with some routines written in 6502 assembler. The program uses only high-resolution text mode and hardware sprites and consists of guiding a knight who traverses a dungeon in search of treasure. The Python scripts were generated by ChatGPT, part of the story was also plotted by GPT. Graphic sketches were generated by Stable Diffusion and the Photon model. The idea for the game was taken from a similar production for the Amstrad CPC – Shadow Maze”.

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