Rap’s Digital Dog: The Trailblazing PaRappa the Rapper Game

Our December 14th Power of PlayStation Showcase features a pair of dazzling copies of ParRappa the Rapper, widely considered the first true rhythm game. We’ve got a shiny VGA 90 NM +/MT copy as well as a pristine Wata 9.8 A+ example.

parappa the rapper games for sale

PaRappa has always been ahead of the game, as he is the OG with an out-of-this-world “Cool Ranking!” Since the title essentially created a new genre, the Sony team and even its creator, Masaya Matsuura, didn’t know how to market such a novel idea. Surprisingly, PaRappa the Rapper became an overnight sensation, garnering wide praise in contemporary publications and quickly gaining a cult status, which it has maintained over the years.

Similar to his rap career, PaRappa inspired plenty of copycats and fresh new rhythm game titles, such as Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Donkey Konga, Rock Band, Maimai, The Idolmaster, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, and the musical shooter Music GunGun! 2, among countless others.

PlayStation owners who liked to get their groove on couldn’t resist the funky, fresh beats and freestyle-prowess of PaRappa, and you better believe he got a sequel, PaRappa the Rapper 2, and a guitar-focused spin-off, Um Jammer Lammy. If you complete Lammy’s mission in the latter game, a side-story featuring PaRappa unlocks. You didn’t think PaRappa wouldn’t show up, did you?

unjammer lammy video game
Um Jammer Lammy – CGC 9.8 A+ Sealed, PS1 Sony 1999 USA

PaRappa understood the hustle life and knew he had to break into other avenues outside his music career. In 2001, the PaRappa the Rapper anime series premiered on Fuji TV in Japan with a total of 30 episodes. It featured music written by Masaya Matsuura. Voicing PaRappa was Miyu Irino, known for his role as Haku in Spirited Away and Sora in Kingdom Hearts. Sadly, the anime series ended in 2002, but this didn’t stop PaRappa’s stride as his original game was remastered recently for its 20th Anniversary.

The original PaRappa the Rapper is not only a trendsetter, but it also introduced a beloved character who captured the heart of fans who still rap his songs, wear replicas of his beanie, and groove to his fun beats.

If you’ve ever dreamed of adding a sealed, high-grade copy of ParRappa the Rapper to your collection, or you’ve been told you got bars (meaning you have incredible rapping talent), then our December 14th Power of PlayStation Showcase auction is for you. Remember these lyrics by Eminem: “Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?”

Ask yourself: what would PaRappa do? He would get his bid on and freestyle a cool rap like this:

Get ready for this funky flow! These high-grade beauties will make your collection glow! Show them off to your friends at the Club. They know this rhythm game invented Fun. The sickest flow, wordplay, and bangin’ beats, if the haters don’t believe you, freestyle some flips to end their streak. Raise your “U-Rappin” meter with PaRappa the Rapper, the top rapping dog with the cutest swagger! (mic drop)

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