We’ve mentioned a lot of games entered into the ZX-DEV Media and Demakes competition from The Last Escape to Battle City ZX. But now as a complete surprise to us and one I think that will be a highlight for this December, is Voxel Tower’s rather impressive looking game of ‘Space Racing’; a demake of F-Zero from the SNES as the first racing game to use a fake 7-mode technique on a real 128kb zx spectrum (no specialized chips, just a 8-bits z80 processor).

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Yes indeed if you remember the classic game of F-Zero on the SNES then you might like this news story for the ZX Spectrum, as not only is it a super cool release featuring 8 circuits to race on. But the developer is quoted as saying. “Feel the speed of your ship, run, dodge competitors and traps on the toughest circuits you will ever see. They won’t let you relax for a second, keep your eyes open and put your abilities to test, every curve, every jump, every trap, everything is designed to put your skills to the limit”.


  • Code: Israel Roman Alvarez
  • Graphics: Igor Errazkin
  • Music/FX: Robert Rodriguez
  • Testers: Javi Ortiz and Jarlaxe
  • This game has been possible thanks to CPCTELERA, especially thanks to his team.

Links :1) Source(Download Available)

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