Toki was an awesome arcade shooter platformer that was released way back in 1989 by a designer by the name of Akira Sakuma for many different retro systems. In it you played as an enhanced Ape transformed from a Human that could shoot energy balls from his mouth defeating strange creatures and finally an evil Wizard. If you remember this truly great game, you’ll be pleased to know that as of today, you can finally play Pat Morita Team’s retro inspiration which has been released for the ZX Spectrum as Tokimal.

Tokimal by the Pat Morita Team is a fabulous interpretation of Toki for our Spectrums as a clear tribute to the Mojon Twins, which in itself was inspired by the Gaelco Thunder Hoop machine. Furthermore the game is not only at a fully playable state which we partially enjoyed in the first demo. But you can now experience the game through 4 playable stages, 2 game modes such as arcade and extended, and finally all of this designed for the ZX Spectrum 128k programmed with MK2 featuring many high-end modifications by the Pat Morita Team!

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