Prepare for all out entertainment especially if you have a Commodore Amiga at hand, as we’ve recently been informed via our good friend Nivrig Games who also designed the highly enjoyable and addictive game of ‘Turbo Tomato’, that as from right now you can play the equally enjoyable Amiga game of Turbo Santa; a very festive and frantic arcade score-attack game in which you need to deliver presents across twenty waves to save Christmas.

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Christmas Day has come to the Garden. The children are starting to wake up and wander around, still half-asleep, looking for the presents Santa left for them. But none are to be found! Gather magical gifts as they appear and toss them to the dreaming children. Don’t miss, and watch out for the GRONCH dashing around stealing presents! Take too long and the children will wake up to no presents, and Christmas will be ruined. The game will feature multiple difficulty levels to suit all abilities, online leaderboards for the best Santas and all of this requiring a classic Amiga with 1Mb Chip RAM!

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