This is another of those big seasons where Old School Gamer visited/ exhibited at four expos since the last issue. Enjoy the most recent coverage!


The Arcade Expo is held at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California, and is one of only three or four times per year that the facility is open to the public. Banning is about an hour outside of downtown Los Angeles, and as an arcade or video gamer, this is a must-have, bucket-list entry… call it an Arcade Bucket List, and this destination should be near the top!

Held over three days between March 16-18, the Old School Gamer gang joined it’s advisory board members, Billy Mitchell and Walter Day, in talking to gamers from across the country in the arcade room (the best part of this large facility). The Museum of Pinball houses approximately 1,100 retro to modern games. Chances are, if you have ever played it, they have it, plus hundreds of other games you may have heard of or maybe seen online in one form or another.

This year also marked the 6th Kong Off held by Richie Knucklez, which happened right around the corner from us at the show. This event brought a dozen or so champion-level gamers from across the country to compete, including Steve Weibe, who doesn’t come out as often as some of the others. It was a thrill for the staff of OSG to see Kill Screen level games completed by several people including Steve.

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