*** Note this is a very explicit episode full of drunk stories and offensive jokes.  So only listen if an adult and if you aren’t easily offended.   The views expressed by our drunk selves aren’t necessarily the views held by RGDS and our sober selves 🙂 ***

Welcome to a special episode of RGDS.  We thought for Christmas we do something a bit different.  So we decided to virtually hold a RGDS Christmas party.

The idea was simple, we all would buy our favourite booze and lots of it, then we would start drinking 2 hours before recording time.  This way you get six drunken idiots, talking about video games, embarrassing life stories, and generally making complete fools of ourselves for your enjoyment.

We realise that this maybe a divisive episode and not to everyone’s taste.  In which case, lookout in the new year for more of our typical content.  But hopefully for most of you all, you will see the episode as how it was intended… i.e. a bit of fun, that was a great laugh to record and hopefully a giggle to listen to.

So from all of us at RGDS, have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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