In 1984 a great shoot ’em up was released for the Arcades by Capcom and that game was 1942. A game in which you not only had to shoot down enemy planes including bombers, but you could also perform awesome rolls while collecting power ups. Thankfully this game which was one of the highlights of that era, is still coming to the Amiga. As thanks to a heads up from Saberman, we have been told Agermose is still working on his full Arcade to Amiga conversion of….1942!

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We originally mentioned this game sometime ago as an Arcade conversion which the developer is using a number of tools at his disposal such as Assembly, MAME and UAE. While we are looking forward to playing the end result, especially as it does look rather good with maps, SFX, code by nightshift and music by DJ METUNEWe were a little surprised to find out the developer has decided to put the demo on a paid cover disk, rather than a donation download through itch (especially as 1942 is copyright to Capcom). Still we look forward to see how the game develops, and if 1942 becomes a freely available Amiga to Arcade conversion!

UPDATE : Tony Aksnes has just contacted us and said the project is now on hold

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