Each month in Retro Revisited, Classic Console’s very own Brandon Poe picks one classic game to play. This month’s classic: Capcom’s 1942.

This month I decided to sit down with a game I really did not have much experience with. I had only heard of this game when I was younger but never really got the opportunity to conquer it, because that
is the ultimate goal for me when I play games. (just being honest, you would be lying to yourself if you say you are playing games to have “fun”) I mean what is more fun than conquering a game, but I digress.

I dusted off my old NES and found a working copy of 1942. Just a brief history of the game, it came out in 1984, at this point over 30 years ago. (Side Note: Us old school gamers are really getting up there in years!) – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Console Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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