Kharon’s Crypt a Game Boy indie game about death and grief lands on Nintendo Switch and Steam

Seville, Spain – February  14th, 2022

After only 15 hours since the beginning of their Kickstarter campaign, Andromeda Project’s new video game (Kharon’s Crypt) reached its goal and was fully funded, with several stretch goals unlocked too, like releasing it on Nintendo Switch.

The team showed their deepest gratitude to their backers for their support, as they admit that they were caught by surprise by the wide and positive reception the game is currently receiving.

Kharon’s Crypt is a gloomy metroidvania dungeon crawler game full of puzzles, riddles, and challenges designed to emulate the 8-bit graphics of the beloved Game Boy Color. In this game, you will play as Kharon (a being thought to be Death itself) as he tries to escape from a crypt he has been sealed in by a deranged king who wanted to elude his own death.

The game has a very extensive lore and deals deeply with themes such as death, guilt and grief.

This Release will be taking the game out of early access into full release. It also includes the Free Launch Expansion that adds over 3 hours of content to the base game and a new hardcore game mode.

The base game story is around 15 hours long, more than 25 if you want to achieve 100% as the game is loaded with optional bosses, collectibles, optional missions, multitude of secrets and a hardcore game mode.

The game is out now for only 13.95€, £10.95 and $14,95.

The Crypt awaits you!

YouTube Video Demo


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