Gamers today enjoy optimum gaming experiences backed with microphones, 4K visuals and evenVirtual Reality. However, our grandfathers didn’t have these luxuries and couldn’t enjoy online gaming platforms and online gambling accounts with providers such as Steam and Royal Vegas CA. They may not have had these modern technologies, but they certainly enjoyed their gaming days. Let’s take a look at how gaming has evolved over the last 30 years by picking out some landmark moments.

1989: The Year of the Nintendo Game Boy

You probably remember owning a Nintendo Game Boy but did you know these popular machines were born in 1989 – 30 years ago this year. Although probably the most enjoyed device of its time, Nintendo were not the first creators of a handheld device with interchangeable games. That accolade goes to Milton Bradley who launched the Microvision around a decade earlier.

1991: Someone Say Sonic?

Sonic the Hedgehog almost became synonymous with the Sega Mega Drive. The little blue guy became a household name for most gamers and remains a favourite today. This game has been known for raising the profile for gaming in the earlier days.

1995: Welcome the PlayStation

In 1995, Sony released the first ever Playstation. However, it wasn’t this release that put Sega’s console out of the picture. They remained in close competition until the year 2000 when the PlayStation Two debuted.

2000: Turn of the Century Gave Us ‘The Sims’

The Sims is undoubtedly the most celebrated real-life simulation. Just because it was the most popular, does not mean it was the first. That award is reserved for a game called ‘Utopia’ which was brought out in 1982 played on the Intellivision console.

2006: Gaming Gets Active

Just after the release of the new Xbox, Nintendo brought out theirgame-changing Nintendo Wii. This was a cornerstone for gaming as it became more active and less of a sedentary activity.

2009: Social Gaming

The surge of social media and handheld smartphones meant that people started to game socially. Social games such as Farmville and Angry Birds became the biggest craze and some even had their own currency.

2019: A New Age

New technologies by 2019 have enhanced the gaming experience. However, it is not just products that have made gaming more connected and exciting, but accessibility has increased. Now we can play games on the move whether that is online gambling or enjoying some warrior battles.

What Next for Gaming?

Technology is changing the world we live in at rates never experienced before. Further advancements in technology and their application to gaming will continue to reshape how we experience all types of gaming. This is exciting news for avid gamers but there will always be packed out hipster bars affording us a look back at the past with pinball machines and PacMan.

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